Safe Metronome

by Adam Mackler

Are you looking for a simple metronome app that does not access the Internet, read your phone contacts, or know your GPS coordinates? Consider Safe Metronome, by Adam Mackler:

  • Uses no special permissions
  • Is free with no ads
  • Works in portrait or landscape rotation
  • Supports languages: Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Português, Svenska, беларуская, ру́сский, 日本語
  • Comes with two natural sounds (clave or cowbell)

But wait...there's more! Safe Metronome is the only metronome with ChopsBuilder™.

ChopsBuilder™ is based on the scientific principle of "progressive overload." While you practice, ChopsBuilder™ gradually increases its speed until you reach your desired tempo. This secret trick has been used for generations by virtuoso musicians to develop their ability to shred the most difficult passages and make it look easy. ChopsBuilder™ is brought to you now for the first time ever in an Android app, exclusively in Safe Metronome.

Compare Safe Metronome to all the other free metronome apps for Android. If you can find a better one, let us know.


sbt zip-align

adb install -r <path/to/apk/file>