dr1000-hackx / sysd / include / logger.h

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mackx 1aeb391 

#ifndef __LOGGER_H__
#define __LOGGER_H__

/* FUNCTION: loggerCreate
 * Create a new logger, reserves memory to store the logs into
 * memory. When the buffer is full or when a flush is called the
 * data is written to disk.
void loggerCreate();

/* FUNCTION: loggerFlush
 * Store the current content of the internal buffers to disk.
void loggerFlush();

/* FUNCTION: loggerLogString
 * Log the message in the internal buffer with a timestamp!
void loggerLogString(char *str);

/* FUNCTION: loggerLogIntInt
 * Log the values for state and level in the internal buffer
void loggerLogIntInt(int state, int level);

#endif // __LOGGER_H__