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This repository contains the changed component of the dr1000-hackx (also known as mackxpatch). This repository allows me to 'publish' my changes to the iRex-DR software per feature. Releases of the hacks will be published on the MobileRead-forum.

If you have any feature requests, please submit them as an issue.


I am doing the development of this code to make the DR more friendly to use for myself. But I am also open for suggestions from others. Since I am making features as I need them, there is no long-term plan. So I divide the new features in Coming releases and Features for the future. (The 'plan' below needs some more updates.)

Coming releases

  • Update the translation files. A start has been made to translate the original firmware. I need to use these files as a start to make proper translations of the new features. (planned)
  • more to follow ...

Features for the future

  • Create a better dialog to determine the order/visibility of items on the Home screen.
  • Allow .desktop-files to be added to Home
  • Allow tags to folders (without interfering with current views/queries)
  • Add configurable items to mdbindex to allow auto-tagging of more filetypes
  • Better icons
  • more to follow ...


If you want to help me to implement/improve a feature or have some nice design ideas for any of the existing or new features please let me know.