Zine - a Python powered blog engine

This is Zine 0.2 the second release of Zine.
It already provides quite a few features:

- of course, basic blog functionality: posting, comments, categories,
  tags, and ATOM feeds
- user, group and permission management
- theming support
- importers for WordPress and Atom feeds.
- an advanced plugin system
- a translatable interface (although with this first release, only
  English and German translations are available)

But some things are still missing.  The following things (and more) will
be included in Zine 0.2 (tentatively set to be released in April, 2009):

- search functionality
- file upload system
- notifications about new posts, comments, etc
- more translations
- documentation for (plugin) developers (for now, there's a documented
  example plugin called "Eric The Fish" included in Zine's source.  If
  you want to develop plugins, that's the starting point.)


See the file INSTALL for a list of dependencies and installation

License and Copyright

Zine was mainly written and is maintained by Armin Ronacher.  See the
files AUTHORS and THANKS for a complete list of contributors known as
the Zine Team.

Zine is released under a BSD-style license, see the LICENSE file for more

Getting in touch with the developers

The best way to communicate with the developers is the IRC channel
`#pocoo`_ on irc.freenode.net.  Beware, several projects have their
"home" there, so be sure to tell the people you're talking about Zine.

The wiki and bug tracker is available on the `Zine Development Center`_.
If you encounter bugs or if you want to suggest a new feature be sure to
file a new ticket there.

Other resources:

-  `Main repository <http://dev.pocoo.org/hg/zine-main>`_
-  `bitbucket mirror <http://www.bitbucket.org/mitsuhiko/zine-main>`_

.. _#pocoo: irc://irc.freenode.net/%23pocoo
.. _Zine Development Center: http://dev.pocoo.org/projects/zine/
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