Evgeny Podjachev committed b64a872

Right fix for history.

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 " 				search string. Autocompletion using history also works by
 " 				<Ctrl-X><Ctrl-U>.
-" Version:		0.2.1
+" Version:		0.2.2
 " ChangeLog:	0.2.2:	Fixed autocompletion by <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-U>.
 " 						Fixed immediate opening of first file after closing
 	cal append(1, fl)
 	exe 'normal! i'
-	autocmd CursorMovedI <buffer> call <SID>OnCursorMoved(1)
+	autocmd CursorMovedI <buffer> call <SID>OnCursorMoved(1, 0)
 fun! CompleteFFSHistory(findstart, base)
-fun <SID>OnCursorMoved(ins_mode)
+fun <SID>OnCursorMoved(ins_mode, force_update)
 	if line('.') > 1
 		setlocal cul
 		setlocal noma
 		let str=getline('.')
-		if s:user_line!=str
+		if s:user_line!=str || a:force_update
 			let save_cursor = winsaveview()
 python << EOF
 import vim
 	if !exists("s:tm_winnr") || s:tm_winnr==-1
 		exe "bo".g:FFS_window_height."sp FastFileSelector"
-		exe "inoremap <expr> <buffer> <Enter> pumvisible() ? '<CR><Up><End>' : '<C-O>:cal <SID>GotoFile()<CR>'"
+		exe "inoremap <expr> <buffer> <Enter> pumvisible() ? '<CR><Up><End><C-O>:call <SID>OnCursorMoved(1, 1)<CR>' : '<C-O>:cal <SID>GotoFile()<CR>'"
 		exe "noremap <silent> <buffer> <Enter> :cal <SID>GotoFile()<CR>"
 		exe "inoremap <silent> <buffer> <C-H> <C-R>=<SID>ShowHistory()<CR>"
 		exe "noremap <silent> <buffer> <C-H> I<C-R>=<SID>ShowHistory()<CR>"		
 			autocmd BufUnload <buffer> exe 'let s:tm_winnr=-1'
 			autocmd BufLeave <buffer> call <SID>OnBufLeave()
-			autocmd CursorMoved <buffer> call <SID>OnCursorMoved(0)
-			autocmd CursorMovedI <buffer> call <SID>OnCursorMoved(1)
+			autocmd CursorMoved <buffer> call <SID>OnCursorMoved(0, 0)
+			autocmd CursorMovedI <buffer> call <SID>OnCursorMoved(1, 0)
 			autocmd VimResized <buffer> call <SID>OnRefresh()
 			autocmd BufEnter <buffer> call <SID>OnBufEnter()
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