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from os import walk
	from os import getcwdu
except ImportError:
	# as python 3 doesn't have getcwdu
	from os import getcwd
	getcwdu = getcwd
from os.path import join, isfile, abspath, split
from fnmatch import fnmatch

import sys

import vim

if int(vim.eval("g:FFS_ignore_case")):
	import string
	caseMod = str.lower
	caseMod = lambda x: x

def find_tags(path):
	p = abspath(path)

	# need to remove last / for right splitting
	if p[-1] == '/' or p[-1] == '\\':
		p = path[:-1]
	while not isfile(join(p, 'tags')):
		p, h = split(p)
		if p == '' or h == '':
			return None

	return p

def scan_dir(path, ignoreList):
	ignoreList = [caseMod(x) for x in ignoreList]
	def in_ignore_list(f):
		for i in ignoreList:
			if fnmatch(caseMod(f), i):
				return True

		return False

	fileList = []
	for root, dirs, files in walk(path):
		fileList.extend([join(root, f) for f in files if not in_ignore_list(f)])

		toRemove = [x for x in dirs if in_ignore_list(x)]
		for j in toRemove:

	n = len(path)
	fileList = [(caseMod(x[n:]), x) for x in fileList]

	return fileList

wd = getcwdu()
path = find_tags(wd)
if path == None:
	path = wd
fileList = scan_dir(path, vim.eval("g:FFS_ignore_list"))

if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
	fileList = [(x[0].encode('utf-8'), x[1].encode('utf-8')) for x in fileList]
	path = path.encode('utf-8')

vim.command('let s:base_path_length=%d' % len(path))
vim.command('let s:file_list=[]')
for i in fileList:
	vim.command('let s:file_list+=[["%s","%s"]]' % (i[0].replace('\\', '\\\\'), (i[1].replace('\\', '\\\\'))))