my_vim_setup / .vim / bundle / snipMate / snippets / cpp.snippets

# Read File Into Vector
snippet readfile
	std::vector<char> v;
	if (FILE *${2:fp} = fopen(${1:"filename"}, "r")) {
		char buf[1024];
		while (size_t len = fread(buf, 1, sizeof(buf), $2))
			v.insert(v.end(), buf, buf + len);
# std::map
snippet map
	std::map<${1:key}, ${2:value}> ${3};
# std::vector
snippet vector
	std::vector<${1:char}> ${2};
# Namespace
snippet ns
	namespace ${1:`Filename('', 'my')`} {
# Class
snippet cl
	class ${1:`Filename('$1', 'name')`} {
snippet csr
	const std::string &${1}
snippet tt
	template<typename ${1}>
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