Jason McKesson committed 09daf46

Build: Distro now downloads externals.

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--- Apply Copyright Info
+-- Install the dependencies.
 local luaFilename = "lua.exe"
 local pathLua = ufs.path(FindFileInPath(luaFilename))
+local luaDepScriptName = "get_externals.lua"
+local depProc = ex.spawn(tostring(pathLua),
+	{args={luaDepScriptName}});
+-- Apply Copyright Info
 local luaCopyScriptName = "make_copyright.lua"
 if(pathLua:empty()) then
 local copyProc = ex.spawn(tostring(pathLua),
 	{args={luaCopyScriptName, tostring(pathDest)}});
-local depProc = ex.spawn(tostring(pathSZ),
+local zipProc = ex.spawn(tostring(pathSZ),
 	{args={"a", "-r", archiveName, buildDirname}});
 -- Destroy the directory.
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