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Daniel Hintze created an issue

How about manual pairings or being able to change the pairings around after the app has done it?

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  1. grrrmml

    Hi, I think that would be nice, making the App even more flexible. Maybe kind of 'swap mode' (like in Pendel Panda or Elixir2). Having two 'parking positions' would probably make it more comfortable. But this is just an idea ;-) best regards grrrmml

  2. Daniel Hintze reporter

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas. I'll consider them when I'm working on that issue.

  3. sharpGT

    Manual pairings could reflect what you see in wizards event reporter. Possibly a scroll-able list of the pairings, long tap to unpair; and a scroll-able list of unpaired players, tap two names to pair, long tap to pair as a bye.

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