Add a field rating to the player, and allow to sort by player list by rating

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Swiss system, as it is used in chess, is always starting with a "sorted by strenght" list of the players. Rating in terms of ELO or other national system. Initial sorted list based on rating, and also player with same points after first round are used in the algoritythm for chess.

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  1. grrrmml


    After having played some matches/tournaments with the app, maybe a ranking could also be derived from the results of (selectable) tournaments, maybe also weighted in a way... ?



  2. Daniel Hintze

    Definitively a reasonable idea. I already though on having overall player stats, now we have persistent players. The step to derive initial pairings from that is not far, once such overall stats are implemented. I think it is not one of the most urgent features but surely worth implementing it. Thanks for your suggestion!

  3. grrrmml

    - When adding players from playerlist, they are not ordered by name

    - Names should be unique. Currently duplicates are possible

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