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Issue #7 open
grrrmml created an issue

Hello, I know that having few players (e.g. 8) is not target of the App. But it would be nice if complete rounds could still be created if one pair would play second time. (confirmation dialog, maybe game(s) marked with a star.) current behavior seems still creating rounds but with only 'swiss system' matches, remaining players are left out.

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  1. Daniel Hintze

    First of all I would like to thank you for providing feedback and making proposals on how to improve the app. I appreciate it!

    Do I understand you right that what you request is the option to have players paired a second time if no other pairings are possible? Should be easy to implement. How would you expect these additional games to influence the tournaments result? Should they be counted just like a "normal" match, overwrite the first match result or be "off record", i.e. not been taken into account to calculate the final standings?

  2. grrrmml reporter

    Hello Daniel, I would just count them as normal match. That way all players have the same number of matches. One could either end after this or continue playing. A notification or mark that it is second encounter would be nice, but not required. Probably these match(es) would be on bottom of the list. Congrats for the App - it is really nice now that players can be predefined.

  3. Daniel Hintze

    Thank you! I'll implement it in the next update and provide you with an early version so you can test it if you like.

  4. grrrmml reporter

    yeah that would be fine ;-) thanks for your efforts.

    By the way: I use the app for Badminton.

    regards, grrrmml

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