This is a collection of ROS packages maintained by Maeve Automation for experimentation purposes. It is released under open source license as a service to the robotics community in the hope that some may find it useful; however, no warranty or guarantee is made to the usefulness or correctness of the code.

Each package contains its own README with details about its contents.

If using the code, be aware that different licenses may apply to different parts of the code.


See the Overview page for links to clone this repository.


Each release of the codebase is tagged with release-X where 'X' is the release number. Releases represent functionality that is in some sense complete and tested. To get a release 'X', clone the repo, then:

hg pull && hg up release-X

Revisions of the codebase between releases may include new functionality and fixes but may also include incomplete or broken code, so caveat emptor.

The Ubuntu MATE platform

Maeve Automation maintains a release of Ubuntu MATE 16.04.3 LTS for Raspberry Pi 3 that is intended for use on mobile autonomous robots in conjunction with the packages in this repository. For details and download, see


Collaboration is welcome and encouraged using feature branches or forks.

Anyone with a Bitbucket account may contribute, but users of the Maeve Automation Ubuntu MATE platform for Raspberry Pi get built-in team member access to this repository under the "maeve-pi" user. That means they can immediately create and push feature branches.


If any code in these libraries is useful for published work, a citation is appreciated. The below bibtex may be used:

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    title           = {{Maeve Automation Development Libraries}},
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Data Sets

Maeve maintains and distributes data sets used and recorded during the development of the libraries. A list of data sets can be found on the Data Sets web page.