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+Created on Oct 31, 2012
+@author: marcos
+import string
+def cookie_patch():
+    ''' Monkey patch que abre o cookie a aceitar mais caracteres do que a maldita RFC2109 :( '''
+    import Cookie
+    my_allowed_chars = Cookie._LegalChars + ':'  # Lista de caracteres a adicionar
+    def morsel_set(self, key, val, coded_val, LegalChars=my_allowed_chars, idmap=Cookie._idmap, translate=string.translate):
+        # First we verify that the key isn't a reserved word
+        # Second we make sure it only contains legal characters
+        if key.lower() in self._reserved:
+            raise Cookie.CookieError("Attempt to set a reserved key: %s" % key)
+        if "" != translate(key, idmap, LegalChars):
+            raise Cookie.CookieError("Illegal key value: %s" % key)
+        # It's a good key, so save it.
+        self.key = key
+        self.value = val
+        self.coded_value = coded_val
+    Cookie.Morsel.set = morsel_set
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