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     def test_something(space):
         # use space ...
-    class TestSomething:
+    class TestSomething(object):
         def test_some(self):
             # use 'self.space' here
     def app_test_something():
         # application level test code
-    class AppTestSomething:
+    class AppTestSomething(object):
         def test_this(self):
             # application level test code
 attached to the class there and start with ``w_`` can be accessed
 via self (but without the ``w_``) in the actual test method. An example::
-    from pypy.objspace.std import StdObjSpace 
-    class AppTestErrno: 
-        def setup_class(cls): 
-            cls.space = StdObjSpace()
+    class AppTestErrno(object):
+        def setup_class(cls):
             cls.w_d = cls.space.wrap({"a": 1, "b", 2})
         def test_dict(self):
   actually can fail.)
 - All over the pypy source code there are test/ directories
-  which contain unittests.  Such scripts can usually be executed
+  which contain unit tests.  Such scripts can usually be executed
   directly or are collectively run by pypy/test_all.py
 .. _`change documentation and website`:

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 We have experimental support for CPython extension modules, so
-they run with minor changes.  This has been a part of pypy since
+they run with minor changes.  This has been a part of PyPy since
 the 1.4 release, but support is still in beta phase.  CPython
 extension modules in PyPy are often much slower than in CPython due to
 the need to emulate refcounting.  It is often faster to take out your

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 Windows, on top of .NET, and on top of Java.
 To dig into PyPy it is recommended to try out the current
 Subversion HEAD, which is always working or mostly working,
-instead of the latest release, which is `1.2.0`__.
+instead of the latest release, which is `1.5`__.
-.. __: release-1.2.0.html
+.. __: release-1.5.0.html
 PyPy is mainly developed on Linux and Mac OS X.  Windows is supported,
 but platform-specific bugs tend to take longer before we notice and fix

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 The RPython Typer
 The RTyper is the first place where the choice of backend makes a
 difference; as outlined above we are assuming that ANSI C is the target.
 `D07.1 Massive Parallelism and Translation Aspects`_ for further details.
 .. _`Technical report`: 
-.. _`D07.1 Massive Parallelism and Translation Aspects`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/D07.1_Massive_Parallelism_and_Translation_Aspects-2007-02-28.pdf
+.. _`D07.1 Massive Parallelism and Translation Aspects`: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/extradoc/raw/ee3059291497/eu-report/D07.1_Massive_Parallelism_and_Translation_Aspects-2007-02-28.pdf
 Backend Optimizations
 The C Back-End
 GenC is usually the most actively maintained backend -- everyone working on
 PyPy has a C compiler, for one thing -- and is usually where new features are