Overview of snygg

[View in-game video]


360° gameplay

In this game, the snake is controlled by left and right only (space to spawn).

Make your own levels

Several levels are available. You can specify which one you want to play on the command line:

snygg circus.lua

The levels are written in lua as documented in LevelAPI.


This is a snake. Here is a close-up of the skin:


Technically, this is achieved with a custom GLSL shader. The geometry is entirely flat, but the shader gives it depth.


When the snake dies, it spills all its blood. Adjacent blood pools will flow into each other:

Blood pool

Technically, this is implemented with the Metaballs algorithm with an interesting optimization.

Boring features

Boring features such as scoring, menus and a nice user interface are not implemented. Also, any other non-implemented feature is deemed boring.


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