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A log target for Winston that expects tagged log messages and writes them with lots of colors to the console or a given output stream.

This module is designed to work together with TaggedLogger.


npm install tagged-console-target


For this example you need to npm install winston tagged-console-target.

var winston = require('winston');
var TaggedConsoleTarget = require('tagged-console-target');

var logger = new (winston.Logger)({
    transports: [
        new TaggedConsoleTarget()
});"Log message 1", {tags: ['module a']});"Log message 2", {tags: ['module a', 'submodule a1']});"Log message 3", {tags: ['module b']});

Example output:

16:46:06.004 2013-04-17 Wednesday
16:46:06.007 [module a] Log message 1
16:46:06.008 [module a, submodule a1] Log message 2
16:46:06.008 [module b] Log message 3

Except the output is in glorious color!


TaggedConsoleTarget accepts one option:

  • target: The target output stream. Defaults to process.stdout.