MagiC is a software package designed to perform systematic structure-based coarse-graining of molecular models, in which the effective pairwise potentials between coarse-grained sites of low-resolution molecular models are constructed to reproduce structural distribution functions obtained from modeling of systems in a high resolution (atomistic) description. The software takes as input atomistic trajectories generated by an external molecular dynamics package, and produce as an output interaction potentials for coarse-grained models using Inverse Monte Carlo or Iterative Boltzmann Inversion methods. The resulting potentials can be directly used in an external coarse-grained simulation package.

This is the third version of MagiC.

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Here have a growing set of tutorials, which illustate use cases of MagiC on a real-life examples.

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The theory and principles behind MagiC (version 1) are published in:
A. Mirzoev, A.P.Lyubartsev "MagiC: Software Package for Multiscale Modeling" J. Chem. Theory and Computations, 9(3), 1512-1520 (2013)
Please refer to this paper in any publication in which MagiC was used.

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  • Prof. Alexander Lyubartsev ( - Principal investigator and method developer
  • Dr. Alexander Mirzoev ( - Main software developer


The set of tests used for checking consistency of the code can be fond here:


We would like to thank National Supercomputing Centre Singapore for providing access to the state-of-the-art high performance software development tools and compilers, as well as for organization of knowledge sharing events and workshops.