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Julian Herzog created an issue


I'm wondering if edits like this one are helpful and necessary. Removing the actual image thumbnail is quite obviously a good idea, but changing the link to the nomination page itself (i.e. away from the page) and also removing the text-link in the headline seem unnecessary or counterproductive to me. It feels like every mention of the file that isn't actually displayed as an image but as text should be kept and become a dead link (I would think not only in fp nominations but in general, outside of articles). In cases of <nowiki>[[:filelink]]</nowiki>, it might be helpful to remove the link instead of the content of the link. Currently, the [[:]] that is left behind doesn't help anyone. As it currently is, the page leaves no trace of what people were talking about (other than the title, which isn't visible if it's embedded as a template).

I might miss some important reason to perform the removal the way it is currently done. Or it might just be too cumbersome/complex to set up special rules for those things. In either case, I would appreciate being enlightened. Thanks. :)

— User:Julian Herzog

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