CommonsDelinker and Wikidata

Issue #15 open
jaroslaw Tuszynski
created an issue

Wikidata now has about 10 properties for storing Commons images, like P18. CommonsDelinker should update those properties if image linked is deleted or renamed. In case it is already doing it than some documentation update is needed on

We will also need some wikidata property update service for deleted, redirected or renamed commons pages linked through properties P373, P1472, P935 and P1612., but that might need to be a separate tool.

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  1. Derk-Jan Hartman

    I've seen some complaints recently about usage of local images, due to deleted files in WikiData that could have been prevented if Delinquent was able to remove deleted files from WikiData.

    listeria#24 is related to this as well..

    This might become more critical.

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