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voltaliobscur created an issue

When CommonsDelinker replaces a renamed file that has only part of the name changed, it doesn’t seem to be doing it properly. It doesn’t seem to notice when it’s already been done, and gets “confused” by similar file names. For an example of the former, at “Minister of Foreign Affairs (Botswana)” on enwiki it was supposed to replace “Arms of Botswana.svg” with “Coat of Arms of Botswana.svg”. But and in this case replaced “Coat of Arms of Botswana.svg” with “Coat of Coat of Arms of Botswana.svg”, which of course does not exist. It made the latter mistake on enwiki at “Sydney Writers Walk”, where it was supposed to replace “Writers Walk plaque.jpg” with “Writers Walk dedication plaque minister Peter Collins.jpg”, but inserted “dedication plaque minister Peter Collins” into every file name on the page containing the phrase “Writers Walk plaque” which naturally broke all the other file links.

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