Create links for 'create article' and 'translate article' in missing article space in Dynamic Listeria

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john cummings created an issue

These suggestions are based on the assumption that Wikidata does not have the item names across all languages so cannot automatically create direct links to a possible article to be created or translated.

To make it easier for people to create the missing articles, two links could be available in the empty space where an article does not exist (possibly in a different colour so they're easy to spot. Both options would construct urls for the user to be redirected to.

'Create article' When you click this option it brings up a box and you fill in the name for that Wikidata item in your language, it then redirects you to that wiki with that article name e.g

This would then allow the user to chose whether to create the article in Visual Editor or Wikitext.

'Translate article' When you click this it brings up a box asking what language you want to translate from and when you press ok it redirects you to the Content Translation Tool with a specific url.

E.g this is the url link for translating an article called Griffindor from English to French, at the other end of the link you pick the article name in the new language.

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  1. Sandra Fauconnier

    Supporting this request. Would make it possible to use Listeria for maintenance of article lists for WikiProjects, edit-a-thons, campaigns, etc.

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