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Issue #143 resolved
Former user created an issue

We have, but when we enter langcode be-tarask into PetScan, it replies whit bad request page. Same happens for previous langcode be-x-old.

The only way is to enter langcode with underscores be_x_old, but then on the results page all links to pages are broken as they outputed with these underscores instead of correct hyphens or current langcode (be-tarask). Also query cannot be run once again as undersores stripped from Language field.

Possibly it happens because of db name on servers left whit old lang code be_x_oldwiki or something like that.

Please fix Language field to accept both be-tarask and be-x-old langcodes (and possibly other langcodes with hyphens). Also links to articles in results list should be fixed.

Working query example:Былыя%20сельсаветы%20Беларусі&combination=union&ns%5B0%5D=1&sortby=title&&doit= But works only with direct link and cannot be run once again from webpage as desribed above.

Thanks! And best regards.

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  1. Magnus Manske repo owner

    The general issue (using "" internally for either "" or "-", showing " " instead of "_") has been resolved generically.

    Now, "be-tarask" is a special case; the server name for the wiki is "", but the database remains at "be_x_oldwiki". You can check that in the wiki Javascript command shell, variables wgServerName and wgDBname, respectively. I have added code that uses "be_x_oldwiki" for both "be-x-old" and "be-tarask". So, either should work now.

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