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Great tool, but Output is always wor Wikidata. What about outut with pages on source wiki?

now in JSON

Q29751 Lažany 33009 0 37636 20160124193047

request (

Lažany (okres Strakonice) Q29751 ...

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  1. Magnus Manske repo owner

    Works for me. Please run an example where it doesn't work, and give wither the PetScan URL at the beginning of the wikitext, or the PSID, so I can figure out what doesn't work for you.

    Your given example (if that's what it's supposed to be) in indecipherable.

  2. Jan Dudík
  3. Magnus Manske repo owner

    Ah, that was a regression, and should be fixed now. I need to work on the non-HTML outputs to generate the same columns, and the "column generator" in general, but it should be usable for now. If you, for some reason, do want Wikidata output, you can set it under "Other sources"/"Use wiki".

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