Add Norwegian Bokmål to Terminator

Issue #42 resolved
Dan Michael O. Heggø
created an issue

Hi, could you add Norwegian Bokmål? Language code "nb", site id "nowiki"

Btw. I couldn't find the source code for Terminator.

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  1. Dan Michael O. Heggø reporter

    Fine, thanks. It would be preferable though if not both "Norwegian" and "Norwegian Bokmål" were shown.

    • There should be no labels and no descriptions using the language code "no" on Wikidata, since "nb" is the correct code for "Norwegian Bokmål".

    • Only for historical reasons is the Wikipedia edition at, not

  2. Dan Michael O. Heggø reporter

    Ok, this is better, but the last list (missing articles) doesn't work now. For all three lists to work:

    • the first two lists ("missing labels" and "missing descriptions") should use "nb"
    • the last list ("missing articles") should use "no"
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