Quickstatement should allow creation of URL with prefilled statement and other types of separators than TAB

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Issue #53 resolved
jaroslaw Tuszynski created an issue

Some of my templates on Commons generate Quickstatement text snippets which can be used to move different info to Wikidata. Presently I copy the snippets into a file than replace space or $ separators with TABs and than cut and paste to Quickstatement.

I would like to be able to do the same but without the step of adding TABs in a text editor, so allowing some other type of separator (which can be generated by a template) would be great. I would propose "$" character.

I would also like a possibility of refilling a single or couple statements in URL. That way in order to add a new statement to wikidata user from commons would only need to click on a link which would show a statement code in Quickstatement window.

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  1. Nicolas Raoul

    @jarekt Better create a separate issue for your last paragraph. It makes it easier to track and process them separately.

  2. jaroslaw Tuszynski reporter

    Thanks to Edgars Košovojs's comment I learned how to create URLs with prefilled statements. That actually solves both of my issues, so I would propose to close this item as "resolved". An improved documentation about URL would be very useful.

  3. jaroslaw Tuszynski reporter

    According to the documentation of version 2 you can add "|" now instead of TAB and "||" instead of end of line. I think this issue is resolved.

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