Quickstatements should not add decimal places to quantities without units

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https://tools.wmflabs.org/quickstatements/ and https://tools.wmflabs.org/niosh/wikidata-todo/public_html/quick_statements.php both add many decimal places to quantities without unit and with some decimal places. (For instance 0.641 becomes 0.6410000000000000142108547152020037174224853515625)

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  1. Christian Kleineidam

    I think this issue is important and prevents certain classes from data from being added with the tool. I would need this for example to add data about suicide rates.

  2. Navino Evans

    Adding a few points to the description for this issue:

    1. For me this issue is exactly the same with or without a unit added (not only without unit as the title suggests)
    2. This also effects the error given for a value - e.g. using 12~0.1 gives me 12±0.0999999999999996447286321199499070644378662109375
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