Add aliases for more/less

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My muscle memory for looking at files it to type "more <filename>". In shelldap, not only does that not work, but it gets confused and won't tab-complete the "filename" part.

Honestly, I don't care if they actually go to pagers or not, it would just be handy to have more and less aliased to cat.

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  1. Mahlon E. Smith repo owner
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    Actually, it might be kind of nice to just shell out to 'more' or what-have-you. I'll add it, along with 'less'. Or maybe make the pager a preference (that defaults to 'more'), and alias all more/less/whatever to the same pager.

  2. Mahlon E. Smith repo owner

    I'll include that (if it exists, I don't know if it's a reliable ENV to use exclusively) in the list of 'stuff to try'. If absolutely nothing reasonable exists, then it can always fallthrough back to the 'cat' behavior.

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