Check for optional IO::Socket::SSL for --tls and ldaps URI usage?

Issue #8 resolved
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I'm relating to a Debian Bug reported to me in [1].


The Net::LDAP Perl module in Debian only suggests IO::Socket::SSL. shelldap can work with non ldaps or StartTLS, so would it make sense to test first if IO::Socket::SSL could be loaded if --tls or a ldaps URI is given, and if not, drop out an error message?

Bests Salvatore

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  1. Anonymous


    Replying to [comment:2 mahlon]:

    Applied patch to released script, closing ticket!

    Sorry for comming back on this. I have only a further small suggestion if you agree on that change:

    Instead of using

    eval 'use IO::Socket::SSL';

    could this be changed to an eval block and using require instead of use?

    eval { require IO::Socket::SSL; };

    Regards Salvatore

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