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This is a small collection of base classes used for interacting with remote machines over ssh. With them, you can use AMQP (via Symphony) to run batch commands, execute templates as scripts, and perform any batch/remoting stuff you can think of without the need of a separate client agent.

These classes assume you have a user that can connect and login to remote machines using a password-less ssh keypair. They are not meant to be used directly. Subclass them!

See the rdoc for additional information and examples.


Symphony-ssh uses Configurability to determine behavior. The configuration is a YAML file.

  path: /usr/bin/ssh
  user: root
  key: /path/to/a/private_key.rsa
    - -e
    - none
    - -T
    - -x
    - -o
    - CheckHostIP=no'
    - -o
    - BatchMode=yes'
    - -o
    - StrictHostKeyChecking=no


The absolute path to the ssh binary.


The default user to connect to remote hosts with. This can be changes per connection in the AMQP payload.


An absolute path to a password-less ssh private key.


SSH client options, passed to the ssh binary on the command line. Note that the defaults have been tested fairly extensively, these are just exposed if you have very specific needs and you know what you're doing.


$ gem install symphony-ssh


You can check out the current development source with Mercurial via its project page.

After checking out the source, run:

$ rake

This task will run the tests/specs and generate the API documentation.

If you use rvm, entering the project directory will install any required development dependencies.