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URLs with national language chracters

Александр Дребушко
created an issue


I tested your Volta and had next error on rules with URLs contained national characters in utf8 coding... The rule I said about below: Kolpachek 302:

And here is errors:

volta [2016-05-25 15:35:17] #22386 0 (db.c:91): Creating/updating database (volta.db) using rules in "squid.acl"

volta [2016-05-25 15:35:17] #22386 0 (parser.c:3271): Invalid key format

volta [2016-05-25 15:35:17] #22386 0 (db.c:116): Invalid rule (line 187), stopping: Kolpachek 302:

Can you help to resolve this situation?

Thank you!

Kind regards, Alexander Drebushko.

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