Steve Losh  committed 7f6dd40

Fix the settings checks to work with django-trunk.

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File hoptoad/

 class HoptoadNotifierMiddleware(object):
     def __init__(self):
         """Initialize the middleware."""
-        all_settings = settings.get_all_members()
+        all_settings = dir(settings)
         if 'HOPTOAD_API_KEY' not in all_settings or not settings.HOPTOAD_API_KEY:
             raise MiddlewareNotUsed

File hoptoad/

     def test_api_key_present(self):
         """Test to make sure an API key is present."""
-        self.assertTrue('HOPTOAD_API_KEY' in settings.get_all_members(),
+        self.assertTrue('HOPTOAD_API_KEY' in dir(settings)
             msg='The HOPTOAD_API_KEY setting is not present.')
             msg='The HOPTOAD_API_KEY setting is blank.')