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 Plugin system is besed on OO principes and uses `Python ABCs <>`_ . All plugin types must implement their specific base
 class provided by MoinMoin package. All base classes are currently located in :keyword:`MoinMoin.plugin` module.
+Distribution / Installation / Discovery / Loading
+Plugins must be on sys.path so that they can be imported. The most convient method of distribution is creating a package.
+List of plugin packages which should be loaded is stored in configuration under key ``plugins_enabled``.
+Example configuration:
+.. code-block:: python 
+    from wikiconfig import *
+    class LocalConfig(Config):
+        plugins_enabled = [
+            "ExampleMoinPlugin",
+            "MoinMoin.themes.foobar",
+            "MoinMoin.themes.modernized",
+            "",
+            "MoinMoin.auth",
+        ]
+    MOINCFG = LocalConfig
+.. todo:: Give more information about signals
+Plugin Configuration
+.. todo:: Describe how configuration is handled and give some examples.
 As of now there aren't too many examples. There is an example plugin located in :file:`contrib/ExamplePlugin`.
 Also most of the plugin types have inbuilt plugins in :keyword:`MoinMoin` package itself and you can use them as reference.
 Plugin system development