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Issue #5 open

typos in docs

Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

== docs/devel/plugins.rst ==

seperate besed principes convient clasess configuation writting non-lineral accross mimitype

inbuilt (this is a correct word, but somehow I think built-in is more common)

To be it seems (To me it seems?)

mayor (you meant "major", mayor means something completely different)

template found in MoinMoin template directory (... MoinMoin/templates directory - this is more specific, more clear.)

please fix headline underlining to have the same length as the headline text. i think you used a proportional font in your editor, better use monospaced for such work.

TO-DO (maybe rather use TODO, it is easier to find and also used in src)

== docs/index.rst ==

many of the built in parts (... built-in ...)

This means thats you can customize (... that ...)


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