pep8 issues - 2 empty lines between toplevel items, like classes, functions

Issue #7 open
Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

It is maybe currently not detected by our pep8 checker (we needed to disable some checks because they were triggering too often), but you maybe could fix this nevertheless:

pep8 suggests 2 empty lines between toplevel items (like classes or functions).

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  1. Miks Kalniņš repo owner

    Can this be done in one big commit changing all issues in the codebase? I can fix them, but I will have the same problem - I will get swarmed by errors if I enable that check. (In my editor and in the checker).

  2. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    For now, only fix the issues in NEW code you added.

    I'll do that big global reformatting in main repo at some time later, maybe after merging of namespaces branch.

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