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Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

"pass" does not need to be used as method body if there is a docstring (because the docstring also counts as body).

ALL methods there should have a docstring.

The return type of the properties need to be documented, otherwise there might be unclarities str vs. unicode.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    you documented make_path to return unicode type.

    that is

    a) not true (if you call it with all params being str, it will return str. if you call it with params being unicode, i think it will return unicode.)

    b) using unicode with pathes is problematic, as sometimes they need to get decoded to str and that may crash if the str is not decodeable by whatever decoder it uses then.

    so, in this special case, either do not document return type or say it behaves like os.path.join or ...

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