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it's 2012, update year
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create moin/2.0 repo, drop all history (see notes below)
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quickinstall: use DIR environment variable for the virtualenv directory, default to DIR=env
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make file ends pep8 compliant (== exactly 1 LF at EOF)
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let pytest-pep8 check the file endings for trailing lines
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Fixed possible str.format(x) issues when x contains unicode. (Fixes #2)

MoinMoin - a wiki engine in Python

MoinMoin is an easy to use, full-featured and extensible wiki software package written in Python. It can fulfill a wide range of roles, such as a personal notes organizer deployed on a laptop or home web server, a company knowledge base deployed on an intranet, or an Internet server open to individuals sharing the same interests, goals or projects.

Documentation and Support

NOTE: moin2 is not released yet, so much information you find on the wiki (and elsewhere) will be about moin 1.x (and NOT applicable to moin2).

There is one wiki page collecting all moin2 specific links and infos: < READ THIS!

Project homepage is at - there are also links to support resources and informations about MoinMoin development status and plans.

In general, please make sure that documentation you read on the wiki or somewhere else on the web is written for the moin version you are using.

For support, please try the documentation, the homepage, the irc channel and the mailing list before contacting the MoinMoin authors directly.

If you have trouble with apache (or other webserver) configuration, please try reading the web server's documentation. Same thing applies for any other 3rd party software usually used with moin, but not written by the MoinMoin developers.


We have to thank a lots of people for their valuable ideas, time and contributions - please see the MoinMoinAcknowledgements page there: