Netbeans Sublime Theme

Base on the Theme from Sublime plugin by Davaakhuu. This Theme is adapted for me.

Install Theme

  • Download the ZIP File for your Netbeans install language.
  • Before you import the new settings export all settings and save this as backup.
  • Go to Options and klick the import button on the bottom.
  • Import the ZIP file.

Base Colors

Name RGB Values HEX Values
gray-dark rgb(39, 40, 34) #272822
gray-light rgb(192, 192, 192) #c0c0c0
gray rgb(117, 113, 94) #75715e
blue rgb(102, 217, 239) #66d9ef
green rgb(166, 226, 46) #a6e22e
pink rgb(249, 38, 114) #f92672
orange rgb(253, 115, 31) #fd731f
yellow rgb(230, 219, 116) #e6db74
purple rgb(174, 129, 255) #ae81ff
dark-green rgb(0,139,139) #008b8b

Export Content

This export contains:

  • Fonts & Colors
    • Sublime-Theme
  • Miscellaneous
    • Output

Netbeans Bugs

Netbeans has a bug on CSS Whitespaces color. Please added this manual. The right color must be gray.