Dustin Shields-Cloues  committed 13732b1

Added an api call (tags/delete) for deleting tags.

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         params = json.dumps(params)
         self.log('POST to %s%s.json: %s' % (ROOT, url, params))
         start = time.time()
-        r ='%s%s.json' % (ROOT, url), data=params, headers={'content-type': 'application/json', 'user-agent': 'Mandrill-Python/1.0.11'})
+        r ='%s%s.json' % (ROOT, url), data=params, headers={'content-type': 'application/json', 'user-agent': 'Mandrill-Python/1.0.12'})
             remote_addr = r.raw._original_response.fp._sock.getpeername() # grab the remote_addr before grabbing the text since the socket will go away
         _params = {}
         return'tags/list', _params)
+    def delete(self, tag):
+        """Deletes a tag permanently. Deleting a tag removes the tag from any messages
+that have been sent, and also deletes the tag's stats. There is no way to
+undo this operation, so use it carefully.
+        Args:
+           tag (string): a tag name
+        Returns:
+           struct.  the tag that was deleted::
+               tag (string): the actual tag as a string
+               sent (integer): the total number of messages sent with this tag
+               hard_bounces (integer): the total number of hard bounces by messages with this tag
+               soft_bounces (integer): the total number of soft bounces by messages with this tag
+               rejects (integer): the total number of rejected messages with this tag
+               complaints (integer): the total number of spam complaints received for messages with this tag
+               unsubs (integer): the total number of unsubscribe requests received for messages with this tag
+               opens (integer): the total number of times messages with this tag have been opened
+               clicks (integer): the total number of times tracked URLs in messages with this tag have been clicked
+        Raises:
+           InvalidTagNameError: The requested tag does not exist or contains invalid characters
+           InvalidKeyError: The provided API key is not a valid Mandrill API key
+           Error: A general Mandrill error has occurred
+        """
+        _params = {'tag': tag}
+        return'tags/delete', _params)
     def info(self, tag):
         """Return more detailed information about a single tag, including aggregates of recent stats
     name = 'mandrill',
-    version = '1.0.11',
+    version = '1.0.12',
     author = 'Mandrill Devs',
     author_email = '',
     description = 'A CLI client and Python API library for the Mandrill email as a service platform.',