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Dependency management and .gitignore

Bitbucket cannot automatically merge this request.

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Review the conflicts on the Overview tab. You can then either decline the request or merge it manually on your local system using the following commands:

git checkout master
git remote add navinumdevteam/mandrill-api-python https://bitbucket.org/navinumdevteam/mandrill-api-python.git
git fetch navinumdevteam/mandrill-api-python
git merge --no-ff -m 'Merged in navinumdevteam/mandrill-api-python (pull request #1)' remotes/navinumdevteam/mandrill-api-python/master
  1. waawal

Hi, Instead of having docopt pinned down to the version of 0.4.0 I changed the dependency to require docopt >= 0.4.0. We had some issues with other libraries that we use because of this outdated version in the requirements of mandrill.

This pull request also includes the addition of a .gitignore file and some cleanup of *.pyc-files.

Thanks for considering this.

Kind regards, Daniel Waardal

Comments (10)

  1. Luis Aguirre

    I agree with waawal about docopt version, please, may you merge this to the latest version. Everytime I use it I get:

    pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (docopt 0.6.2 (/home/aguirrel/proyectos/blitzscript/env/lib/python3.3/site-packages), Requirement.parse('docopt==0.4.0'))


    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards,

    Luis Aguirre

  2. Sijo Jose

    Mailchimp folks seem to be not bothered about this silly thing which is yet a substantial inconvenience. Sebastian Kalinowski This fork that you are maintaining, is it available publicly? Also, are there any other fixes that your fork contains? Please let me know.Thanks!