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#2 Open

Add optional arg to Mandrill API client to configure requests timeout

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Review the conflicts on the Overview tab. You can then either decline the request or merge it manually on your local system using the following commands:

git checkout master
git remote add InlineStyle/mandrill-api-python https://bitbucket.org/InlineStyle/mandrill-api-python.git
git fetch InlineStyle/mandrill-api-python
git merge --no-ff -m 'Merged in InlineStyle/mandrill-api-python/bfy-add-api-timeout-option-to-mandrill-client (pull request #2)' remotes/InlineStyle/mandrill-api-python/bfy-add-api-timeout-option-to-mandrill-client
  1. Benjamin Yelsey

Hi! At GameChanger, we'd like to improve our network issues MTTR. It would be a great help if your API client had an easy way to configure a socket timeout. Here's one possible implementation, and I'd be happy to make any changes.

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