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git fetch stellaservice/mandrill-api-ruby
git merge --no-ff -m 'Merged in stellaservice/mandrill-api-ruby (pull request #8)' remotes/stellaservice/mandrill-api-ruby/master
  1. Brian Glusman

Needed for Ruby 2.4 compatibility

Comments (16)

  1. Brian Glusman author

    I'm giving up on Mandrill here and going to use our github version for now here git@github.com:stellaservice/mandrill-api-ruby.git but if anyone has other gems that rely on this, I can also publish a fork of the gem to unblock gems (we rely on directly from our Rails app, but gemspecs can't rely on github like Gemfile's can and happy to publish as a gem instead of using github if it will help anyone else...)

  2. Dan Milne

    I'm considering migrating to Mandrill - however the gem doesn't work with Ruby 2.5.0. Any ETA for this? Looks like the request has been around for over a year.

    1. Dan Milne

      I asked on twitter and got a reply on 22/2: "We'll give our team a heads up about that, but we don't accept pull requests through BitBucket any longer."