sAccess is a file manager written in PHP, which provide easy and secure access to your server file system via HTTP. sAccess:

  • can be placed in any folder accessible via HTTP;
  • can be configured for different users with the delineation of rights;
  • allows to work with files of any encoding;
  • is integrated with the popular database manager Adminer;
  • use versatile text editor CodeMirror and allows to define code style.


Download the latest sAccess archive and unzip it in any folder on your server accessible via HTTP.

Archive contains 3 files:

  • saccess.php - entry point of your requests. You can rename it at will
  • adminer.php - database manager for MySQL. You can replace it with any other one from the official website
  • conig.default.php. Change its parameters and rename to config.php


config.php should define following global variables

  • $users - array of the users, which keys are usernames and values are md5 hash of their passwords.

If you want to limit users access then the value should contains array with keys: - password - md5 hash of password - access - list of the folders that will be accessable for user - deny - list of the folders which access will be denied

You can use constants: R - document root, S - root of the sAccess.

For example:

$users = [
  'manager' => [
    'password' => '3915b35274b63cc340fe3d7f0bad27ed',
    'access' => [R],
    'deny' => [S],

-- define user with credentials manager/manager who has access to all files down from document root, exclude sAccess folder.

  • $db - array of the parameters for database connection

    • driver
    • host
    • username,
    • password
    • dbname
    • charset
  • $file_types - array of the used in the sAccess file types which values are list of extensions associated with type.

  • $encodes - array of the used encodes. Encode which value equals true will be used as default

  • $codestyle - options for the text editor.

    • indent unit
    • tab size
    • tabs to space
    • theme - theme of CodeMirror. You can choose it in official website ];

You also can change default paths to external libraries by replacing following variables:

  • $codemirror
  • $jquery
  • $bootstrap_css
  • $bootstrap_js


You can customize code and compile it by your self. For this run the compiler.php. It will rebuild saccess.php file and create new archive