Roman Podoliaka  committed 08cac93

httpdomain: add the ``undoc-blueprints`` option to the Flask ``autohttp`` module

This options allows one to prevent whole Flask blueprints from being documented.

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File httpdomain/doc/index.rst

          .. _undoc-members:
+   ``undoc-blueprints``
+      Excludes specified blueprints from generated references.
       Excludes a view function that serves static files, which is included
       in Flask by default.

File httpdomain/sphinxcontrib/autohttp/

     required_arguments = 1
     option_spec = {'endpoints': str,
                    'undoc-endpoints': str,
+                   'undoc-blueprints': str,
                    'undoc-static': str,
                    'include-empty-docstring': str}
             return frozenset()
         return frozenset(endpoints)
+    @property
+    def undoc_blueprints(self):
+        try:
+            blueprints = re.split(r'\s*,\s*', self.options['undoc-blueprints'])
+        except KeyError:
+            return frozenset()
+        return frozenset(blueprints)
     def make_rst(self):
         app = import_object(self.arguments[0])
         for method, path, endpoint in get_routes(app):
+            try:
+                blueprint, endpoint_internal = endpoint.split('.')
+                if blueprint in self.undoc_blueprints:
+                    continue
+            except ValueError:
+                pass  # endpoint is not within a blueprint
             if self.endpoints and endpoint not in self.endpoints:
             if endpoint in self.undoc_endpoints: