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Issue #43 resolved
Alexey Gorishny created an issue

//Hi there!//

I had created a new variant of Cog's user interface.

New version contains new vector toolbar icons, new high-resolution application & filetypes icons, new dock badges, new look of File Tree, some UI fixes & improvements (such as text spacing), improved appearance of Main Window, Spotlight Panel, etc.

Screenshots: (Main Window) (Mini Window) (Fullscreen) (Dock icon & badges (old)) (Dock icon & badges (new)) (Some icons (old))

You can download test build (old) here:

//If you like it and want to add it to your repo, I'll publish patches.//

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    This is really really great,thank you very much,dock icon is great,header is great,file tree is great,and hey reading AIFF tags is just incredible ! thank you very very much ,keep it up ! keep it up!

  2. Alexey Gorishny reporter

    I can't test it on 10.5.8 because I don't have 10.6 or 10.5. I have only 10.7.4 :(

  3. mscott

    Looks very nice.

    Alas, it appears that perhaps this fork is being abandoned too... perhaps you can fork and add your patches there?

  4. Dmitry repo owner

    Hi. Sorry for taking so long to respond - i haven't lost interest in maintaining Cog, it's just that i totally lacked free time to devote to it in last few months.

    Regarding the new interface - i do like new toolbar icons (but could icon for shuffle be changed to a more standard one, used in iTunes, for example, something like ?), other interface changes also look nice, though i haven't had time to look too closely.

    The one thing i don't really like is new icons, sorry for that. A while ago there was a thread on Cog forums with all kinds of new icons proposals(, some of which looked good to me. One i liked, for example, is - the icon is new, but it still contains original "Cog" in it. What do you think of it? And if you too think that it's nice - could you make the whole icon set out of it? I totally lack graphic skills for that myself.

    As for all the other changes - could you make a fork available here on bitbucket and send a pull request? I'll try to integrate your changes shortly and make a fresh build afterwards.

  5. Dmitry repo owner

    Sorry, my bad, i'd only seen shuffle on screenshot before now, have now seen it working, looks really good, thanks.

    I like this icon better, two more requests though - is it too much work to incorporate (something resembling) original Cog wheel inside the one you made (i.e. like in (if it is, let's go with this one) ? And could you make other three (playing, paused and stopped variants) in the same color scheme as this one - this makes it easier to find Cog icon in the toolbar (at least for me)?

    Thanks a lot for helping with these - i'm no good with graphical stuff myself. :)

  6. Alexey Gorishny reporter

    Oh, it's too hard to recreate 'original cog' from first icon from scratch in hi-res :(. I can't use first icon as source 'cuz it is low-quiality jpeg. And I can't find any suitable image of Cog in google images :(. I will use vector template that i'd shown you in ICON4: If you like it, I'll make full icon set. P.S. Could you make an option in Preferences that allows user to choose between colored (green, red & yellow) &'uncolored' (same color as default icon) dock badges?

  7. Dmitry repo owner

    Ok, i do like it, please make a full set. I suppose i could add an option, shouldn't be too hard.

  8. Dmitry repo owner

    I've merged UI changes, thanks.

    Once i get a free minute or two (i sincerely hope that i will get them this week), i'll add an option to toggle coloredness of badges and publish new version.

  9. Dmitry repo owner

    Stupid me - function definition was after its first usage. Fixed that, thanks for spotting.

  10. Benjamin Carr

    Is it possible to allow resizing of the window below the current threshold. Mini mode is nice, but I would prefer to be able to resize the playlist to only show 4-5 songs ranter than the current 19(?).

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