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Change the dock icon

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The dock icon is nice, but I just had to fiddle a bit to get it to change and stay how I wanted it. Maybe an option to not use the status dock icons so people can use the dock icons they like? Some of us love to customize stuff.

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  1. Dmitry repo owner

    Hi. Not sure i understand the issue you're having. Do you not like current doc icons? If so, could you join the discussion at http://cogx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1234 ? I've got several conflicting requests for icon change so have put up a poll there. Not many people voted there, but so far majority of votes are in favor of current icons. I'll consider changing icons if that changes. I don't think that configurable icons are a good idea, since app should have some single identity (i.e. the one to be represented on the site, app icon in launchpad and the default dock icon).

    If i misunderstood you then please correct me.


  2. J W reporter

    Oh, no I didn't mean change the icon you created for the app itself. But you know of apps like CandyBar that allow you to change an applications icon? Cog's icon won't change due to using different icons that represent "play", "pause" and "stop." I was just wondering if there could be an option to prevent the icon from representing the status of the application and just remain one single icon.


    I already got it to work how I wanted so it's really no big deal. This is the best app I've ever used for audio and I'm so glad I found it was still in development. I was using the old version for a long time.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Dmitry repo owner

    Ah, got it, thanks for clarification. Having an option to not change dock icon on status changes looks like a reasonable thing, will add it once time permits.

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