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uzzzr@gmail.com: Hi! I have an idea for improvement in Cog for you - it would be very nice to have a built in feature, disabling upsampling in Cog, just like the one BitPerfect has. When I connect my transport or audio card to send S/PDIF to my DAC, the audio always goes through the native Audio/MIDI CORE Audio, which natively upsamples it. I love Cog for its superior and untouched sound quality and I would love to listen to the TRUE and not upsampled music

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  1. Christopher Snowhill

    That's a bit absurd, but okay. This particular feature would kill the changes I made to the AudioPlayer chain, which involve automatically promoting the audio to the native floating point format, if the output hasn't already asked for that format by default.

    I guess this could be designed as a version of the BufferChain which does not involve any ConverterNode, implicitly asks the CoreAudioOutput for a format matching the input, and fails if it doesn't match.

    It may be possible instead to use a different kind of converter and output mode, though. One which instead only has a single converter pass, and implicitly forces the output device to match every aspect of the input node, excluding endianness and sign. And it will not support the ReplayGain or volume scaling that I implemented, either.

    It could be set under the volume/processing selector as "Bit-exact".

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