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Issue #75 resolved
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Hello. Your update didnt fix the problem (After updating from build 2015 to 2033 APE files can be no longer played back (OS X 10.8.2 on two different computers)). So when i try open APE file COS freeze and didnt respond.

10.6.8 iMac 7.1

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  1. Pavel Zhukov

    Yes. Build 2038. Double click on APE file - COG window open - i see file in playlist and nothing. When i try to push play button COG freezeng 3 seconds and nothing (sorry for my English)

  2. Dmitry repo owner

    Ok, thanks for clarification. That's weird - the issue that broke APEs in 2033 was definitely fixed in 2038 and they're working fine for me (though i'm on OS X 10.7). Could you please provide Cog-related system log entries (Launchpad -> Utilities -> Console, then 'All messages' in the left panel, copy the most recent block of messages prefixed by 'Cog:') and tell me what your Cog 'Playlist' settings are (In Cog menu: Cog -> Preferences -> Playlist) ?

  3. Pavel Zhukov

    Playlist - 1 Clear PL and play 2 Enqueue Read CUE... - YES


    24.12.12 22:16:16 Cog[1201] -[PluginController printPluginInfo] (line 194) Decoders by Mime Type: { "application/ogg" = VorbisDecoder; "application/wma" = FFmpegAudioDecoder; "application/x-apl" = APLDecoder; "application/x-cue" = CueSheetDecoder; "application/x-ogg" = VorbisDecoder; "application/x-shorten" = ShortenDecoder; "application/x-wma" = FFmpegAudioDecoder; "audio/mpeg" = MADDecoder; "audio/x-ape" = FFmpegAudioDecoder; "audio/x-flac" = FlacDecoder; "audio/x-it" = DumbDecoder; "audio/x-mod" = DumbDecoder; "audio/x-mp3" = MADDecoder; "audio/x-musepack" = MusepackDecoder; "audio/x-psf" = AODecoder; "audio/x-s3m" = DumbDecoder; "audio/x-vorbis+ogg" = VorbisDecoder; "audio/x-wavpack" = WavPackDecoder; "audio/x-wma" = FFmpegAudioDecoder; "audio/x-xm" = DumbDecoder; } 24.12.12 22:18:53 [0x0-0x157157].org.cogx.cog[1201] [ape @ 0x100881200] Only 16-bit samples are supported 24.12.12 22:18:53 [0x0-0x157157].org.cogx.cog[1201] Last message repeated 21 times 24.12.12 22:18:53 [0x0-0x157157].org.cogx.cog[1201] [ape @ 0x102025600] Only 16-bit samples are supported 24.12.12 22:18:53 [0x0-0x157157].org.cogx.cog[1201] Last message repeated 21 times 24.12.12 22:18:53 [0x0-0x157157].org.cogx.cog[1201] [ape @ 0x1009e2600] Only 16-bit samples are supported 24.12.12 22:18:53 Cog[1201] -[InputNode openWithSource:] (line 42) Couldn't open decoder...

  4. Dmitry repo owner

    FFmpeg decoder (which is used for APEs) has loaded successfully, but it looks like it can't process this particular APE. Could you please upload it somewhere so that i can download it and investigate?

  5. Dmitry repo owner

    Ok, i've managed to find 24bit APE and reproduce the issue locally, so if you haven't yet uploaded anything - then please don't do it.

  6. Dmitry repo owner

    I've published build 2044, it should properly handle those APEs. Can you confirm that it's now working for you?

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