some mp3 tracks not played on mountain lion 10.8.2

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Issue #79 resolved
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Good evening,

I tried the last built "Nightly r2044". With some MP3 tracks there is no sound until I adjust manually the position by using the cursor.

Thank you for your job


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  1. Dmitry repo owner

    Hi. Is this consistently happening with some specific mp3s or just randomly with all mp3s?

  2. Filip Ruciński

    Hi, I have got similar problem, maybe related but on os 10.7.5, built the same (r2044). From time to time random MP3 track never ends and playlist stucks on one position until I change track manually. I don't know if there is the same problem on for example flac files. I'm going to check it.

    PS: nice job, cog project lives again :)

  3. Dmitry repo owner

    Thanks for clarifying this.

    Does track just stop progressing or does it just play silence past the moment where track should have ended? If it's the former, does it usually happen near the beginning of the track, end of the track or somewhere in the middle? Does it usually happen after skipping to the next/previous track?

  4. Filip Ruciński

    Hi, sorry for delay but I was on small holiday. The track plays silence past the moment where track should have ended. It's usually happen at the end of the track (I hear the whole song, and when it should skip to next track it plays silence and never stops until i change track manually.

  5. Filip Ruciński

    Ok, after some investigation I've noticed that cog plays silence randomly, not only at the end of the track (but it must take some time after begining of the track)

  6. Geobert

    I have the same issue since r2033 on 10.7.5

    Some mp3 just play silence until I move the position to 00:01

  7. Arghwhymustiregister

    +1 here..

    It happens only with some tracks. But if it happens for a track in an album it will happen for the other tracks on that album, too.

    I also hear a buzz on the speakers on some tracks instead of that before mentioned silence.

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