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Issue #80 new
Alexey Gorishny created an issue

If I once switch focus to, I can't control Cog with media keys on keyboard (no matter which application is 'on top' after this) until I switch focus to Cog directly. Then media keys work as expected. (Cog is built from sources, version is This bug appeared after SPMediaKeyTap commit.

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  1. Dmitry repo owner

    Ah, that must be SPMediaKeyTap feature. It has a (hardcoded) list of apps that use media keys and gives up control when it sees that one of those apps got focus, and is one of those apps.

    I'll see if it's possible to just grab media keys and don't let any other app use them while Cog is running.

  2. Alexey Gorishny reporter

    The bug is that media keys isn't workin after loses focus (for example: I switched focus to Chrome after

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