- Developed by Eaglex

- Bank Application -

Practical bank application project for superficial brand name UBANK. A fully responsive cross browser application using Angular 1.6 MVC framework with OOP/Typescript and RESTFul API/ and data retrieval. Backend mongodb/mongoose ORM with CRUD. Multer for uploading and storing files for retrieval. You can register as new user, and return later to complete the application..

  • A fully automated Gulp task runner with browsersync proxy to nodemon.
  • Access to Bootstrap sass configuration using global.vars with the help of 'Wiredeb' package.
  • All files are rendered using view HTML engine.
  • Fully documented.

Link to Application video preview

  • You need to install mongoDB before running this application. Instructions to install on your OS here: make sure you assing mongod to global path, or run it from the /bin folder, and assing new database path.
  • If you have problems with Sass run $/ npm run fix to rebuild
  • npm install will will install all node_modules and bower_components.
$/ npm install node-sass -g # unless you have it, or run >  "npm run fix" 
$/ npm install

Start the App
  • Once you run it and have installed, configured your mongodb, it will automaticly run the process for you, proxyfy and start the nodemon server, and launch Chorme as default browser.
  • Generated files are stored in the ./public dir along with bower_components.
  • The npm task runner/gulp uses Wiredeb to dynamicly inject files generated in ./public/index.html
  • The server/backed is in ./server dir, some of the configuration is shared from the main ./config.js file, such as port.
# in this order.

$/ mongod #or mongod --dbpath /to/data
$/ npm start
  • You can populate DB with dummy data from provided json ./server/config/initial_data.json just run http://localhost:8080/api/createnew and use the 'token' as your application number.

  • Angular 1.6/component, BootStrap alpha.6/Flexbox, Sass, Typescript, nodejs/Express, Lodash, MongoDB/mongoose Multer, npm/gulp, nodemon/ browserSync as proxy, dynamic injection and sass globals configuration with Wiredeb. tslint/jshint, server RESTful API, data retrieval
  • Following John Papa Angular Style Guide
  • Integraded in modular fashion
  • Coded in OOP

File structure

App dir


Server dir

       *  The data flow of this app is:
       *  Layout  <<< GLOBALS
       *     > page component  <<< $dataservice

-- Remarks --
  • Tested and works without bugs on lates Chrome and Firefox, not tested on IE(SORRY!).
  • All files are well documented.
  • you can preview a working app video via this link
  • If your server crashed and you get this error in the CLI Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::8018 you will have to change the port in the ./config.js file

  • if error installing node-sass> upgrade dependencies with "npm-check-updates -u& npm install"

  • No persistant cache included as yet, only DATA retrieval.
  • User authentication not yet intergated.

Thank you